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Wish you could find a reasonably priced, experienced and yet pragmatic consultancy to work on your behalf? Look no further, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent and personable service. No matter whether you require a survey for roofing works, a small (<10 unit) development site, a large commercial / industrial development, a major development (>10 unit) or a 500 unit new residential development site, we have the expertise and capacity to provide a full service.


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Bat Surveys

Require an Ecology or Bat Survey in Devon? 


There are a whole host of reasons why a local authority might request a bat survey. Invariably, barn conversions and alterations to an existing roof structure no matter how minor, will often trigger a requirement for a bat survey. Initially, this is usually for a 'scoping survey' to consider whether more complete surveys are actually required. Occassionally, this initial survey is all that is required. Other times this is simply a precursor to Emergence Surveys. Please call to discuss your personal requirements

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Phase 1 Ecology Surveys

Phase 1, extended Phase 1 surveys or Ecological Impact Assessments - are generally required for all proposed development sites, whether larger sites on agricultural / brown field site or small back gardens. We can advise on the appropriate level of surveys. Please call or email for an informal discussion.


Confused by Phosphates and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) requirements? You are not alone. We have been able to assist clients in understanding and overcoming these hurdles - Please discuss your site / proposal with us as early as possible.

  Tree Surveys for Development: BS5837 - 2012

Development sites with Trees either in, or adjoining the site, are highly likely to require a Tree Survey. Ecological Surveys Ltd offer Tree Surveys for Development in accordance with BS5837 - 2012

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